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WellCard Health


Start saving on your prescriptions today!

You and your family deserve access to the best prescription medications at the best prices. WellCard Health's empowering health and wellness program gives its members access to today's top medications at prices WellCard Health pre-negotiates for up to 50% in savings. Join now and reduce the cost of health care for you and your family today. We call it WellCard Health. You'll call it empowering.

It's easy to start saving:

  • One WellCard Health membership grants automatic pharmacy discounts to all family members living at the same address.
  • Over 59,000 nationwide pharmacies accept WellCard Health, with the availability for convenient and reliable mail order and specialty pharmacy services, too.

This is NOT insurance. Special membership pricing available only at participating pharmacies.

By using the WellCard, you agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and by pharmacy. Savings are based on actual drug purchases using the WellCard. The program administrator may obtain fees or rebates from manufacturers and/or pharmacies based on your prescription drug purchases. These fees or rebates may be retained by the program administrator or shared with you and/or your pharmacy. Prescription claims through this program will not be eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid, Medicare, or any other government program.


Q: Is this insurance or an insurance type program?

A: No. WellCard Health is a health and wellness membership program designed to reduce the cost of health care for members and their families by giving access to reduced rates for many out-of-pocket health care services, including prescription medications.

Q: Is there a monthly fee or a registration fee for the WellCard Health program?

A: No, supplemental health care membership with WellCard Health is free. Members pay only for the affordable health care services they receive.

Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?

A: Your card is available for use immediately. There's no waiting period to reduce the cost of health care for you and your family. Your WellCard Health membership card is available for immediate use.

Q: How do members receive their pharmacy savings?

A: Starting to reduce the cost of health care with WellCard Health is easy. First, members find participating pharmacies by clicking on the "Locate a Provider" look-up tool when logged into this website tab or by calling 1-800-562-9625. Then members simply show their WellCard Health membership cards each time they visit their participating pharmacies. This immediately reduces health care costs, as members simply pay for their discount prescriptions at the time of purchase.

Q: Is everyone in my household covered? Are all members of a household covered by the WellCard Health supplemental health care program?

A: Yes, your card is valid for all individuals living at the same address.Yes, a WellCard Health membership card can be used as a health care alternative by each family member living at the same address.

Q: Can I a WellCard Health membership be used when traveling away from home?

A: Yes. Our membership's free health care options can be used at any participating pharmacy in the United States.

Q: Do members need to present their cards each time they buy a prescription?

A: Yes, present your card every time you buy a prescription not covered by your insurance or Medicare Part D. Yes. For proof of this supplemental health coverage, members simply present their cards each time they buy a prescription.

Q: Can members go to any pharmacy or health care provider?

A: No, you need to go to a participating pharmacy. To ensure they receive WellCard Health discounts, members need to visit one of our 59,000 nationwide participating pharmacies. Once logged into the members-only area of our website, users can click the "Locate a Provider" tab or call 1-800-562-9625 to find a nearby participating pharmacy. Log in now and start saving today!

Q: Is my information kept private?

A: Yes. WellCard Health supplemental health coverage chooses to follow HIPAA’s standards for the security and privacy of health data.

Notice to Members – Your plan may not access all of the services listed on this page.
This plan is not insurance.
The plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services.
The plan does not make payment directly to the providers of medical services.
You are obligated to make payment for services but you will receive a discount from those providers contracted with the plan.
The name of the licensed discount medical plan organization is Access One Consumer Health, Inc. (not affiliated with AccessOne Medcard)
WellCard Health is issued through WellDyneRx LLC

La. R.S. 22:1260(7)(D)(1)(k) - Procedures for filing complaints under the discount medical plan organization's complaint system and information that, if the member remains dissatisfied after completing the organization's complaint system, the plan member may contact his state insurance department.
Discounts for hospital services, if any, are not applicable in Maryland.
The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. The range of discounts for medical or ancillary services provided under the plan will vary depending on the type of provider and medical or ancillary service received.
Note to Texas Consumers: Regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, P.O. Box 12157 Austin Texas 78711: telephone 1-800-252-3439 or (512) 463-6515; website:
These programs are not covered by the Utah Health Insurance Guarantee Act.
These discount plan cards are available in the State of Washington and are not provided under any Discount Medical Plan Organization because there is no charge for them. Welldyne RX LLC is an authorized Pharmacy Benefit Manager in the State of Washington.
If after receiving our response and you are not satisfied with the resolution you may write of call: West Virginia Insurance Commissioner
This plan is not available in the following states AK, MT, and VT.
This is not a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program.