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WellCard Health

Medical Bill Advocates

63% of Americans have received a medical bill that was more than they expected to pay. Let our experts help you navigate the complicated world of medical billing to save you time, money, and hassle.

As part of our ongoing effort to help members reduce health care costs, we offer a medical bill review and negotiation service that gives members access to patient advocates with the knowledge and experience to save them money on medical bills. This service is not insurance and does not replace insurance, nor does it affect the relationship between WellCard members and their medical providers. We call it WellCard. Our members call it empowering.

Our WellCard members enjoy access to the following advantages when it comes to medical bills:

  • Free medical bill review to help you organize and understand medical expenses including identifying billing errors and overcharges
  • A personal advocate who will negotiate with doctors and providers on your behalf
  • Special pricing for WellCard savings members. Negotiation fee reduced with WellCard membership
  • Risk free savings: if you don’t save money, there is no fee for our service.


Q. When would I use this service?

A. When you need help with expensive medical bills, have been denied coverage by your insurance company or received an underpayment by your insurance company, or question the charges.

Q. What types of bills can you audit/fight?

A. WellCard affordable plan can review any medical bill or insurance payment when the balance exceeds $500.00.

Q. How is the service paid for?

A. There is no cost for the bill review. Once you submit your documents to HealthCare Advocates, we conduct a review of your medical bills and insurance statements. Once HealthCare Advocates has an understanding of the scope of work, HealthCare Advocates will contact you to discuss the cost. Most services cost between $95 and $895.

Q. What if I can't pay a lump sum?

A. We can direct you to financing solutions to help you pay the lump sum of your bills.

Q. Will my medical and financial information be secure?

A. Yes, we have firewalls and malware protection to keep prying eyes out of our system.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Once you submit the bills and/or insurance statements to us, we generally contact you within 24 hours.

Q. My doctor or hospital is in my insurance company's network. Can you still audit the bill/insurance payment?

A. Yes.

Notice to Members – Your plan may not access all of the services listed on this page.
This plan is not insurance.
The plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services.
The plan does not make payment directly to the providers of medical services.
You are obligated to make payment for services but you will receive a discount from those providers contracted with the plan. The name of the licensed discount medical plan organization is Access One Consumer Health, Inc. (not affiliated with AccessOne Medcard)
WellCard Health is issued through WellDyneRx LLC